WATCH: Jean Tan drops “Crowns” MV

Crowns MV by Jean Tan

Watch the ethereal follow up to the single by Jean Tan

March 17th, 2017 – The music video follow up to Singapore singer-songwriter Jean Tan’s single “Crowns,” is produced by Samuel Ruby. The song’s bittersweet, soul-searching undertones is  masterfully juxtaposed against the video’s idyllic setting.

Mammalian interventions

In the short month since its release, “Crowns”’ chill electronic-acoustic soundscapes has quickly garnered fans, breezing past more than 10,000 plays on Spotify. The process of making the video, however, was a decidedly greater struggle according to the artist – due to the intervention of a number of furry mammals.

“I wanted the MV to be a poetic depiction of a journey through loss, and how one comes to term with oneself through that process. We also fought off 26 monkeys making the MV, which was great,” noted Jean.

Production Notes

For Samuel, the video centred around the transposition of the song’s lyrical poetry into visual narrative.

“After hearing Jean’s story, I wanted to delve deeper into the concept of rebirth. I portrayed the music video as a poetic metaphor of one’s state of mind during struggle, and the fight and victory that came out of it,”

“Blooms,” Jean’s upcoming EP, set for release later in 2017. Expect more songs from the EP to drop in the course of this year.

LISTEN: “Falling 4 You” by Oriental Cravings, Axen

Falling 4 You by Oriental Cravings, Axen

Oriental Cravings Drop The Next Future Bass Hit “Falling 4 You” With Axen

15 March 2017, Singapore – Australian-based producers Oriental Cravings team up with Australian trap/dubstep artistAxen to bring yet another tasty banger – “Falling 4 You.”

Described as a “metallic, melodic banger,” the mashup of styles brings together the guttural sounds of dubstep with the finesse of future bass for a heavy-hitting release that’ll hit the spot, be it at raucous parties or cruising night-drives.

“Falling 4 You” will make its premiere on immensely popular EDM/trap blog Run The Trap, in addition to being available on your favourite major streaming platform (Spotify/iTunes).

LISTEN: “I Don’t Care” by Evanturetime, Yllis (featuring Axel)

I Don't Care single by Evanturetime, Yllis (ft. Axel)

“I Don’t Care” – Evanturetime’s Second Single In Collaboration With Yllis and Featuring Axel

March 10, 2017, Singapore – Evan Low, a.k.a Evanturetime, returns with another collaboration for his second single, “I Don’t Care,” this time with fellow electronica artist Yllis and featuring Axel (of T-Rex, Sphaeras).

Like the first single, “I Don’t Care” continues the young producer’s (recently anticipated as one to watch by Spotify on the Early Noises 2017 list) style of bouncing off different influences and collaborators. With Yllis and Axel bringing different influences to the table, the experimental electronic-pop feel of the song is this very result: replete with Latino-inspired grooves and metric modulation, and driven by Low’s uniquely-minimal style of production.

Setting the scene

In setting the soundscape for the song, Low explored more unconventional approaches of utilising the kalimba sound that appeared in his first single, “Vultures.” The whispery vocals of Yllis and the odd-time bass lines of Axel were hugely instrumental creative inputs, making for interesting genre-bending intersections.

Creativity and collaboration

“The two have very different musical influences that I found interesting to work with, and at the same time challenging to find common ground with too. I needed to find a common sound that was homogenous and could work in a beautiful way. It wasn’t easy, but the result was fruitful. Once we were able to match our disciplines from a musical and tonal perspective, we created something that I feel can be intellectual and engaging, for both the technical listener and the casual listener,” noted Low of his collaboration process this time round.

The single is the second release off Evanturetime’s upcoming EP, expected to land later this year.

LISTEN: “Paradise” by Joshua Simon

Paradise single by Joshua Simon

Joshua Simon’s Debut Release With Umami Records – Paradise

24 February 2017, Singapore – Singer-songwriter Joshua Simon might not be a household name in Singapore music circles -people may be more familiar with the title DJ Joshua Simon on KISS 92FM’s late show “Josh’s Good Night Kiss”- but this may well change after his sophomore release “Paradise” this Friday 24 February 2017 via Umami Records.

A raison d’etre

The Indian-Chinese crooner loosely defines his genre as pop, but his raison d’etre has more to do with challenging the triteness of the genre than flowing with it. Citing his biggest inspirations as M.I.A, Bjork, Michael Jackson, and Madonna, Joshua Simon is certainly not afraid of trying a different sound by taking from various electronic/hip-hop cues that lie beneath the belly of the mainstream.

Collaborative process

“Paradise” reflects this process – the track’s production and arrangement is crafted by electronica artist Evan Low (Evanturetime) and Jon Chua (Sam Willows), accompanying an inextricably pop skeleton that is Joshua Simon’s gripping lyric and vocals. The result is a heartrending, searching emotional centre that breathes life with an expansive soundscape recalling the depths of the heart.

“Paradise” will be made digitally available on 24 February via Spotify and Apple Music. The track will also be part of Joshua Simon’s upcoming album, with more details to come along with the official music video for “Paradise.”