LISTEN: “Don’t Anyhow” by Erina Shan

Erina Shan- Don't Anyhow - Umami Records

Erina Shan debuts hip-hop track
“Don’t Anyhow”
via Umami Records and SOLD Records

7 April, 2017, Singapore – Singapore-based hip-hop/rap artist Erina Shan drops her debut single, “Don’t Anyhow” on Friday, 7 April 2017. Produced by Nicco Homaili (CampFire) and Kevin Foo (Linying, Jean Tan), pre-orders for this party-lighter is currently available on Apple Music or iTunes. Label-wise, this track also marks a debut cross-label collaboration between Umami Records and SOLD Records, bringing you “Don’t Anyhow” on your favourite streaming platforms from Friday onwards.


Behind the hip-hop of “Don’t Anyhow”

Behind the K-pop and contemporary rap-leaning sounds, “Don’t Anyhow” is a finger-in-the-face warning to keep it real, and say only what we mean. Sharing a personal story about a heavy phone-call dispute between Erina and an acquaintance, Erina describes first-hand the destruction one’s lies could cause to the innocent party. The idea of causing hurt with one’s words is something Erina reiterates –

“The tongue has the power of life and death. Our words have the power to turn what is negative to something positive and vice versa.” – Erina Shan

Fans of artists like CL, Beenzino and DEAN may just want to give “Don’t Anyhow” a listen – pre-order the song now or catch it on streaming platforms this coming Friday, 7 April 2017.

LISTEN: “Peanut Gallery” by Charlieblouse and The Milkyboys

Peanut Gallery by Charlieblouse and The Milkyboys

Listen to the sassy debut of “Peanut Gallery” by Charlieblouse and The Milkyboys

31 March, 2017, Singapore – Straight out from Singapore comes “Peanut Gallery,” a snarky punchline of a debut from the newest indie pop act on these shores, Charlieblouse and The Milkyboys. The song was produced by Kevin Foo (Linying, Jean Tan), Marcus Chua and Joel Atadero.

A different kind of introspection

Rather than attempt to write the next introspective hit about unrequited love, Charlieblouse and The Milkyboys have taken it upon themselves to take a step back and throw shade at everything and anything they can. With natty riffs and sassy lyrics, “Peanut Gallery” pokes fun at the culture of social media, influencers and tattoos-for-tumblr (among other things) rather unapologetically – a point driven in empathically by frontwoman Amy Joy (aka Charlieblouse).

“Our debut single, Peanut Gallery, is just a fun and feel-good track about people who take themselves too seriously — us included! In a culture filled with so much judgment and skepticism, we believe that it’s refreshing to just laugh at ourselves once in awhile.” (Amy Joy)

An official debut

The song also marks the official debut of the band to the world; Josh Quah, A&R at Umami Records, had this to say about the label’s latest signing  –

“When we first heard Peanut Gallery, we resonated with the immediacy of the song’s pointed outlook. There’s just something distinctively likeable about the coming together of a strong rhythmic hook and Amy’s witty lyricism. It’s got the hallmarks of classic indie-pop/rock bands like Arctic Monkeys and Mystery Jets, but it’ll be stuck in your head – in a good way we hope!” (Josh Quah)

Catch “Peanut Gallery” on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music/iTunes.