THE AFTERNOON – BABA NYZA drops a lusty RNB debut




Recalling threads of Usher, R. Kelly and Blackstreet, BABA NYZA was inspired by a palate of late 90s/early 2000s-influenced RnB sounds during the production of “The Afternoon” – which proved to be a fitting foil for confronting the angst-ridden lyrical themes straight on. Little details however, like the grumble of the sub-bass and the sprinkling of organ stabs, shows an artist who is not merely satisfied with going ‘Ctrl-C-Ctrl-V’ on a preset.

Fanning the flames of a cheating relationship, “The Afternoon” is a raw pen-to-paper moment of lyrical honesty from the point of view of the cheating party. Described by BABA NYZA as a story of “uncontrollable and guilt-inducing lust,” the RnB track unpacks the murky emotional entanglement between cheating on a loved one with someone one can’t seem to get enough of.