Update: Newton Circus Launch “Twilight” And “Love You Like That” Video





Indie-rock quartet Newton Circus will be releasing two videos of recent singles “Twilight” and “Love You Like That” on 30 April 2016.

“Twilight” and “Love You Like That” are milestones for the band, as they forge their way towards the completion of their second album, to be released sometime in the 3rd quarter this year, with more details set to be announced by the band at the screening session. The songs were penned by Kenneth Ong, and produced by Colin Ong, and Kevin Foo of Beep Studios.

Both songs flesh delicate emotional landscapes against the backdrop of the soaring instrumentals Newton Circus is known for. Conceptually, videos for both songs were scored to short films by Kalhil “KJ” Adames (USA) and Awe Pictures (Portugal) respectively, with the filmmakers keenly involved and supportive of the band’s move to score their work with the songs. David Tan edited the video for “Twilight”, while Colin Ong was the editor for “Love You Like That”.

Said Newton Circus frontman and lyricist Kenneth Ong, “in crafting the songs and a unique visual narrative around them, we chose both films as they exuded the feeling of holding someone dear to our hearts.”

Said Newton Circus band member David Tan, “we discovered a second story in the process (of working with the films). sometimes we get so caught up with the whirl of life that we forget who we really are on the inside – ephemeral, vulnerable.”

Doves & Ravens Single ‘Wonder’ Out Now

Doves & Ravens will launch their debut video single Wonder on Friday, 8 April 2016. The song is available all major platforms like Spotify and iTunes from 14 April 2016 onwards.

Wonder places itself at the emotional intersection between love and infatuation in the all-too-painful situation of a relationship that is and isn’t, where one can be seemingly both hot and cold to the other. The single was produced by Edwin Wong and written by Kenneth Qua, Edwin Wong, and Moses Jadon Wong.

The music video, featuring media personality Carla Dunareanu, is filmed almost entirely in first-person perspective, melding both the song’s story and the band’s melodic swagger in energetic sync. The video was directed and edited by Bryan James Kwa (BJK Productions).

“Everyone experiences self-doubt in the beginning of a relationship,” says Qua. When we wrote the song it was about being bold even in the midst of all this self-doubt and just going for it. Who knows what might come out of it?”

Producing the song was about bringing together a “tight mesh of influences we were inspired by,” says Wong. “We were Inspired by Maroon 5’s pop sensibilities, Coldplay’s grand ambience and Mutemath’s hard-hitting energy. This is our attempt to mix genres and bend the rules of pop, rock and electronic music.”

Single: Wonder