EYE PARADE – Martin Baltser weaves more evocative folktronica on his second single

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On Eye Parade, Martin Baltser doesn’t hold back in his excavation of love, regardless of gender. “Feverish flashes of an eye. A man stares into another man’s eyes, falls in love, and gets caught,” begin his liner notes for the release. Continuing, he doesn’t sugar-coat it either. “Sometimes love feels like a prison. It sneaks up on you like a fever dream with a thousand flashes and glimpses in the night: Morning-moons, cups and crumbs, sturdy metal, oat, and lines below. It’s like an Eye Parade that never ends.” The organic motifs in the spellbinding music video capture the allegory beautifully, dovetailing with the gentle-yet-haunting tapestry of electro-folk that has become signature to his sound.

Eye Parade comes hot off the tracks of the rapid success of Martin’s first single, Call Me Wild -a fragile snapshot of the complexities of childhood as one comes of age- which garnered more than 200k combined plays on the digital streaming platforms. The song has clearly struck a chord with listeners, with a contemporary interpretative dance tribute already making its internet rounds by Los Angeles-based dance choreographer Sabrina Phillip.