ON & ON: Newton Circus back with the same wistful magic, only better

Listen to On & On’ EP now:

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After more than a year out, indie/alt-rock quartet Newton Circus are announcing a new EP, On & On. The album title is a meditation of the human journey, from death to life, from simple to significant. Whether it’s songwriter Kenneth Ong describing wanderlust in ‘On & On’ or of life’s fragility in ‘Love You Like That;’ from facing the death of a loved one in ‘Twilight’ to an appreciation of time in ‘Birds,’ the album will uniquely interpose itself with the listener’s own experiences. As Kenneth Ong notes about ‘Love You Like That’ in particular –

“Love you like that was written about the experience of having a newborn and the uncertainty and fragility of life. Originally it was written for my first child — every parent loves their child but for me it took a while because her character only showed after a few months. But I think this song should also go to my second child, because of the difficulties we had – it gave the song additional meaning for me.”

The album cover, a film photograph taken in Portland, Oregon (United States), conveys the album’s theme of genuflection, of being able to draw reflectively from the different experiences in life.

Produced by Colin Ong (also Newton Circus guitarist) and Kevin Foo (Beep Studios – Linying, Charlie Lim, The Sam Willows), and mastered by award-winning Danish mastering engineer Holger Lagerfeldt. The creative process of making the album also saw the band experimenting yet embracing their own individual sonic identities –

“For those who have followed us over the years, I think in this EP you can tell that the collective is really coming together. It’s been really interesting: we wanted to let David’s electronic elements seep more into this EP, especially in Birds and Love you like that. For me personally, I’m a product of the 80s and 90s and I think we are starting to hear that now.” – Kenneth Ong