WORDS MV- A surreal debut from FERRY


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Singapore has a fresh challenger to its nascent electronica scene. Well not so new – FERRY is no stranger around these parts, starting well-respected indie band Giants Must Fall (as lead singer and songwriter) and joining Riot !n Magenta (as guitarist). Having tested waters with a tastefully-sparse remix of TOMGIRL’s Heartbeats, FERRY steps out on her own terms with “Words.”

“Words” is a song that most can relate to, even the most linguistically-fluent among us – the struggle of  not being able to fully articulate what we really want to communicate. Here, the oxymoron (and ability) of the songwriter then, is the enduring ability of music to reach out where written language fails, and in doing so, becomes its own language. This formed the basis for the song, as FERRY notes –

“I had nothing to write about, nothing I wanted, needed or could say. Which was strange given that my usual songwriting process bordered on having something to say. Whilst I could musically express all my emotions, lyrically, there was nothing I could say about it. So in frustration I said to myself, ‘I have nothing to say’ and that kick started the idea for the song.”

Directed by Raphael Michael Ong, the music video takes this idea further, drawing out the song’s languid lyricism and luscious production. Awash in surrealist visual grammar, “Words” MV ultimately encourages the listener to embrace the gaps we call silence. A self-reflective, over-analysis of her character and inner workings, “Words” sees FERRY using words to best describe that suffocating feeling of ironically not having enough words and that perhaps, at the end of day,  it’s better to say nothing at all.