brb. shares “Talking to Myself”

Talking To Myself‘, the wistfully soulful second single from pop&B trio brb., holds special meaning for the band: as the first song born from their  very first writing session as a group, the collective chemistry experienced in that session sparked the beginnings of their identity, as well as the identifiable brb. moniker.

Talking To Myself details the downward spiral of falling in love with someone’s future rather than who they are now. It speaks about the long term effects of unreasonable compromises made to appease a delusional relationship,” the band says. “Yup, it’s a break up song but it’s also complicated. It’s that predicament of not knowing when to fold, holding on to a sliver of hope that someone will change and that things will become better.”

Comprising Clarence Liew (CLO), Auzaie Zie (Disco Hue, Thievves) and Marc Lian (formerly TRICK), the trio draw lessons from their individual backgrounds in funk, pop and electronica to inform their collective distillations of R&B, laced with drizzlings of guitar and funk filigree. Cool With It, the trio’s debut single, garnered 15,000+ digital streams within the first month of its release, and drawing attention from local and overseas music blogs like Uranium Waves (Canada), Bandwagon and City Nomads (Singapore).