Foxela shares K-collab ‘Forward’ (ft. Krisis)

After Foxela’sbreakout year in the local scene in 2018, the Singapore-based producer has continued his recent Far East connection -that began with December’s drop, ‘Hard to Get’ featuring Korean singer DNAKM– on another collaboration single (this time with Korean band, Krisis) brimming with trap-inflected tones while affirming catchy pop constructions.

As to how ‘Forward’ came about, Nigel notes, “I reconnected with a member of Krisis earlier this year, who had been one of my buddies for a very long time.  He used to make music under the name ‘Next Generation’ but to my pleasant surprise, he is now in a musical group with his friends, making tunes that are absolutely awesome…And since I haven’t heard of a Singaporean doing a track with Korean artist to make a song with Korean vocals, I thought, why not?”

Having experimented with music production software since the age of 9, Nigel dropped his first remix, The Worlds We Discovered on Soundcloud in 2016, when he was just 13. Kawaii, His future-bass collaboration with fellow Singaporean producer HAEMOND, was released by Ottawan SoundCloud-label North Clouds Collective in 2017.