Nikhil Senan debuts “Here Is Now”

Produced by Luke Nicholas Foo and Nicco Homaili, the debut album from Nikhil is a rich body of storytelling, introspection & intense phonetic flow. From the get-go of ’BLACK SHEEP’S SONG’, the album is as much a love letter for old school hip-hop as it is an autobiographical excavation of the human condition, uniquely written from the perspective of a Singaporean youth as only Nikhil can.

If the single releases from Here Is Now: ‘TRIBE (feat. Hevina Kaur)’, ‘NALA (feat. Lian Kim Selby, Daniel Sid, Luke Nicholas Foo)’, and ‘INNERMISSION’ have showed anything, it’s that the brash tenor of Nikhil’s delivery belies the brittle nature of the themes he delves into  – loss, family, identity, nationality, and the pains of growing up with it all.

Going for the poignant in his release statement, Nikhil quotes a lyric from the album “to me the darkness and the light have such a similar voice, I know that I can feel the fear but being afraid is a choice.”