Newton Circus shares ‘Lost Without You’

Lost Without You grabs the spiritual baton from Newton Circus’ previous release, Jericho, and jumps off the proverbial cliff into deeper waters. Driven by frontman Kenneth Ong’s quivering falsettos, the band drew inspiration from Iceland in the crafting of the song, so much so they shot the single’s teaser announcements in parts of the Scandinavian island-country.

“The powerful grandeur of Icelandic landscape, with its rolling valleys and auroric mists, has been my creative outlet for rumination and solace,” Kenneth reflects. “Lost Without You is something of a longing for this peace, one that doesn’t just rattle the windows but reverberates the spirit. I believe that it is only at this level, both inspired and contrasted by nature, that we can yearn for what is most important to being human.”